Our services

Establishment of a company

Whether you want to open a company (doo or jdoo) or a craft (obrt), you have a demanding and not at all simple process, in which we can be not only the best signpost, but also a complete support system for as little cost, lost time, but also energy and effort.

We are here to be with you, to make your first steps easier, and above all to ensure that you make the establishment as easy and efficient as possible.

We are especially focused on providing assistance to foreigners who want to open their representative offices, business branches, companies or crafts in the Republic of Croatia – in just one visit.

We also specialize in providing online business opening services, crafts and other legal forms for business, because our team is here to guide you through the forest of Croatian regulations, obligations and legal harmonization in the easiest and simplest way possible.


Business Advisory

Today, the Republic of Croatia is at the top of the countries of the developed capitalist system in terms of changes in laws, regulations, but also inconsistencies in theory and practice, and unfortunately not in the efficiency of the bureaucratic system. According to EUROSTAT data, Croatia is at the back of the EU in terms of servility of state institutions, but also local government and self-government units when it comes to serving customers who come for services and information.

Do you really want to get into that „hell“ of bureaucratic confusion, abundant documentation, contradictory regulations, and spend your health, money and energy?

Why are we here? Primarily in order due to such circumstances, than to reduce or eliminate any risks in your businesses caused by bureaucratic inaction of state and other institutions, but also misinterpretations of laws and regulations.

The goal of anyone operating in the real market is to minimize such risks.

We are here for you in regarding each of your questions, doubts, business misunderstandings, so that all your goals can be achieved with as little lost potential for unnecessary challenges.


Tax consulting

It is not uncommon in the real sector to waste the money and count unforeseen costs caused by incorrect tax calculations, non-activation of tax relief, non-use of subsidies etc. And all that because entrepreneurs did not hire the right accounting and bookkeeping service assistance to avoid it.

Therefore, if you want quality financial management, which ensures minimal costs, but also stop unnecessary accumulation of new tax liabilities, then you are in the right place and with the right team – D Invoice team.

Each of our clients can sleep peacefully because we are vigilantly monitoring all relevant changes in tax laws, obligations, but also reliefs.

Folk wisdom does not say in vain “It is better to prevent than to treat!” – by applying insufficient expertise in finance and accounting and bookkeeping, you can lose the monetary value of a new BMW vehicle in a long run. Ask if you really need it or if you can leave everything in the hands of professionals, who will ensure flawless business “steering” for you through all your tax obligations.



Productivity of business activities requires permanent investment in knowledge and education. The real market is very active, it is constantly changing, there is an abundance of novelties from day to day, and accordingly if we want to grow sustainable business we need to learn and invest in our education.

Therefore, if you need beginner knowledge in bookkeeping or entrepreneurship, business processes, finance, organization of your business we are here for you.

We are especially proud of our offers Education for beginners (in finance, accounting, entrepreneurship etc.) through online channels and our webinars and trainings that are available to you at all times and learning opportunities for FREE HERE.


Professional training

Aware of the importance of having professional, “armed” employees, but also motivated to work, we offer a training service:

  • Pupils and students who want to learn to work in bookkeeping
  • Accountants who want to perform their services online
  • Employers who want to understand bookkeeping and business finance
  • Employees who want to learn to work in an accounting program 
  • Tailored / individual training according to the needs of each client and the specifics of the business