About us

Folk wisdom says: You have to dream big to become big!

Therefore, it is quite justified that our vision is to become big. Thanks not only to the results so far, but also to the great experience, knowledge, exceptional number of satisfied clients in Croatia and abroad, with good reason to become – the largest European bookkeeping service!

Because we can do it, next to you and with you – proving again and again that quality and knowledge have no limits. Just as we have no limits to reach your satisfaction with our services.

Our mission is to help women in rural areas to improve their work from home in an international bookkeeping service and bring bookkeeping closer to them as a job popular, understandable and accessible to the general public.

Laura Gergelj
director and owner of the company D – Invoice doo Osijek

I was born in the 1970s in Germany to a family of guest workers. I attended primary and secondary school in Croatia and Hungary. I graduated from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin, and acquired the title of graduate computer scientist.

My business career started as a professor of informatics at the High School of Economics in Požega.

Very quickly I went into entrepreneurship by opening my own company Dom računala d.o.o. in which I worked as a programmer, accountant and director (but as it is usually the case in entrepreneurial projects I was much more: serviceman, web developer, sales representative and commercialist).

Always “driven” by a great desire for new knowledge and training, I passed the course for an independent accountant as well as a project and project cycle manager.

My career development was very quickly stimulated by the investment in my knowledge, so I became a consultant for COP in Fina, then PM in Ericsson Nikola Tesla – services and an accountant in the company Finansing d.o.o.

As was and am always open to new life and business opportunities, with a great desire for independent work, I renamed my company Dom računala d.o.o to D-invoice d.o.o, enriching the entrepreneurial offer of my team’s services for both bookkeeping and accounting. Our team has five employees and three external associates, and due to the constant increase in demand for our services, we will soon open new permanent jobs.

It is my great desire and business mission to bring bookkeeping as a business activity closer to the general public, in order to become more popular and appreciated, and at the same time to expand the network of D – Invoice franchises in the territory of the European Union.

What do our clients and members say about us?

Domokos István Domokos d.o.o.

A prudent, knowledgeable and knowledgeable accounting firm with whom it is a pleasure to work with.

We are calm about our accounting and we plan to work together for many years in the long run.

I’m glad we found such a reliable Partner!

Slavica Marijanovic, Marijanis j.d.o.o.

For the general experience of working with D-Invoice d.o.o. I give a grade of 5.

I recommend it to everyone, not only because of their expertise but also because of their accessibility, willingness to understand individual needs, help, advise, etc.

Kristina Vezaj – Bellissima j.d.o.o

Professional, fast and correct, I would definitely recommend for collaboration.


I am very happy to write:

After many bad experiences, I found her at Laura’s accountancy office 4 years ago, and since then we have been working together to my greatest satisfaction. He understands the activity and financial situation of the company to the maximum, he observes the deadlines in all cases, he is aware of the legal background. It can provide effective assistance in all matters. In the meantime, we are also beyond a tax audit, which has also been handled professionally.

It is very reassuring that accounting is finally in the hands where I can be sure that the declarations are accurate, warns of deadlines, checks payments, in short, everything is in control. I can only recommend Laura’s office and thank you again for everything!

Branimir Čulo, Integris d.o.o.

D-Invoice d.o.o. through his individual approach to the client, he manages bookkeeping extremely well and gives full confidence and security to the client in everyday business relations.

Bata Renata, Agro PMD d.o.o.

The Minimax accounting program has been used by our company since 2020. The transition to that program went smoothly for us. As an amateur user, the program is easy to understand and user-friendly. You can easily adjust between the optional tabs, and if you can’t find something, the generated statements will be sent to you by phone or by e-mail. Personally, I really like xml files as they help me communicate with the bank a lot.

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